About us

  • Welcome to the unique and sustainable shop of handmade Lithuanian handcrafts, products and preserved traditions (education)!

    The shop www.madebylithuanians.com is a shop for unique, sustainable and at the same time innovative products and products in the vastness of the Internet.


    It is the first online shop where you can buy unique, sustainable and certified national heritage handcrafts and products. Here you will find only quality and time-tested products and products whose production techniques and recipes date back well over 100 years.

    Get to know Lithuanian traditions and the people who cherish and love them.

    The future belongs to new and sustainable business ideas, which is why this is where you will find products from Lithuanian producers and craftsmen, which are not only of exceptional quality, but also have national heritage certificates, which testify to their uniqueness and uniqueness. These are non-mass-produced products with lasting value, delighting those looking for quality, exclusivity, handmade products that have history and value.


    If you are looking for a gift or souvenir representing Lithuania, this is the place to find it.

    Shop www.madebylithuanians.com presents:

    - Tradition and uniqueness

    - Quality and exclusivity

    - People (creators) and their experience

    - Values

    - Education


    More about National Heritage products


    In Lithuania, national heritage products are protected by law - the Law on National Heritage Products of the Republic of Lithuania, adopted on 26 June 2007. No X-1207



    National heritage products fall into the following categories according to their labour costs and the extent to which they correspond to authentic examples of national heritage products:

    1. Category A shall include products which correspond exactly to authentic examples of national heritage products and in which more than half of the manual labour is used in the creation process.

    2. Category B includes products that are close to authentic examples and have been developed using new technologies. 



    If you visit www.madebylithuanians.com

    We wish you sustainable purchases that you can pass on to future generations...

    We wish you the aroma of a Lithuanian morning, tasting herbal tea from the meadows...

    We wish you the best emotions when you dress up in handmade clothes...

    We wish you not to get sick and to enjoy the occasional national heritage certified draught...

    We wish you to enjoy the delicacies whose recipes have been cultivated for over 100 years...

    Best wishes!