Essence of wild garlic (Essentia Allium ursinum)

  • Essence of wild garlic (Essentia Allium ursinum)

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  • ACTIVE SUBSTANCES: Rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, copper, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B9 (folic acid). Vitamin C is 10-15 times more than in lemons and oranges. Contains essential mustard oil, organic acids that improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, protect the good intestinal flora, inhibit the growth of putrefactive bacteria. Phytoncides (plant antibiotics) and essential oil disinfect the oral cavity, protect against infections, strengthen the body's resistance. Due to the abundance of micro and macro elements, the wild garlic outperforms the onion.

    IMPACT: It is a detoxifying agent. Cleanses the blood and lymph of toxins and mucus, while improving the condition of the skin in various diseases. Traditionally, in many European countries, wild garlic is used to regenerate the blood in spring, cleanses the blood vessels and strengthens the immune system. Has a positive effect on the liver, bile, stomach and intestines. At the same time lowers cholesterol. Garlic of all kinds is a powerful antioxidant. Garlic has been shown to kill 23 species of bacteria (including salmonella and staphylococci), fungi, parasites and viruses. Also kills viral infections: chickenpox, measles, mumps. Garlic is good for people with diabetes: it stimulates the secretion of insulin and the pancreas, which helps the body regulate blood sugar. The essence is used for rubbing in case of colds, rheumatism. Improves memory and protects against atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, is suitable for bloating, colic, heart failure and sleep, without wounds, stimulates intestinal function, helps solve skin problems.

    USAGE: For adults put 10-12 drops in a small amount of water and drink 2-3 times a day, 20 minutes before meals. Course - 21 days. For children as many drops as there are years. For example: 6 years - 6 drops, 2 times a day, diluted with water. Once opened, store in a dark, cool place for up to 1 year.

    Product quantity 30 ml / 100 ml.