Jadvyga Balvociute

  • Jadvyga Balvociute - certified craftswoman of category A of National Heritage products, master of traditional crafts.

    Products: mixtures of tea herbs, herbal teas, spices.

    Jadvyga Balvociute founded an ecological herbal farm in 1991, after returning to live in Zemaitija, her native village of Gyvoliai. Herbs are grown on 13 hectares of certified ecological area, more than 100 types of plants are grown, from which 140 different raw materials are collected, for herbal tea production. Most of these are cultivated plants, such as marigold flowers, various varieties of broom amaranth grass and seeds, flowering tops of sowing buckwheat, medicinal valerian roots and etc. Plants collected in the natural environment (meadows, forests, fields, water bodies and etc.) are also used to make herbal mixtures. Wild plants are collected from organic, certified areas, in accordance with the requirements of the wild plant collector certificate.

    Jadvyga's herbal teas are a wonderful opportunity to practically get to know the rich world of Lithuanian plants, to feel their effects on the body and soul, to admire the scents of nature and the range of colors of teas. Also, teas can help solve various health problems: cure alcoholism, joint diseases, chronic cough, restore the body from the exhausting effects of chemotherapy or other diseases.