Vitalius Striuogaitis

  • Vitalius Striuogaitis - certified craftsman of category A of National Heritage products, folk artist, the nurturer of Lithuanian wooden craftsmen and the old craft of tub making.

    Products: wooden dishes, spoons, trays, tubs, barrels, bread tubs, gelds, buckets, sauna tools, etc.

    Vitalius Striuogaitis is one of the best-known Lithuanian craftsmen of wooden products and nurturers of the old craft of tub making. Vitalius is an highest award-winning folk artist who has been perfecting the craft of woodworking for more than three decades.

    Craftsman since 1987 manufactures tubs, barrels, bread tubs, gelds and buckets, which have been recognized as a national heritage certificate since 2011. All products are made only from the highest quality Lithuanian wood. In 2016 his oak barrels were awarded the prestigious "AgroBalt" gold medal which is recognized in Lithuania and abroad.

    It is important to select the material and dry it naturally in order to make barrels that comply with 1000-year-old traditions. Only good quality 200-year-old or older black or gray oak growing in the forest is suitable, since the wood of such a tree is denser. It takes 1.5 to 2 years to make a barrel, several are made at once, and the bottomless shape lasts a long time. 

    Price 150.00  - 160.00 
    Price 40.00  - 65.00 
    Price 38.00  - 45.00