Ecological tea „I want beautiful hair“

  • Ecological tea „I want beautiful hair“

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  • CONSIST: blue-flowered alfalfa 6,4 %, yarrow, soil orphans, peppermint, Canadian conyas, soil assorted, dark fibre grass, great nettles, marshmallows, birch leaves, petals of true sunflower, inflorescences of the marshmallows, corneas bark, leaves of the great burdock.

    PREPARATION: 1-2 tablespoon of herbs toss with 0,5 l of boiling water, keep warm for 2 hours, than filter and press. Drink 1/2 of glass three times a day. Two times a week, before washing your hair, rub the scalp, keep for0,5-1 hour, after that wash.

    NOTES: The composition of tea blends may vary. Each person's reaction to herbs can vary.

    WARNING: Herbal teas are not recommended when a person is sensitive to their components, when teas are not used as directed and in excessive amounts. Before a doctor prescribe a treatment, the patient should inform a doctor that he or she is using herb tea.

    WEIGHT: 40 g.