Ecological tea „Light head“

  • Ecological tea „Light head“

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  • CONSIST: oregano, common nut, common treadmill, black dandelion, soil orphans, blueberry alfalfa, heather, broom mouth, sow oat grass, medicinal sanctuary, blackberries, common raspberries, potato sunflower leaves, local hawthorn flowers with leaves, common dandelion roots.

    PREPARATION: 1-1,5 table spoon of hearbs toss with 1 glasso f boiling water, keep warm for 45 min, than filter and press. Drink 1/2 of glass, 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening.

    NOTES: The composition of tea blends may vary. Each person's reaction to herbs can vary.

    WARNING: Herbal teas are not recommended when a person is sensitive to their components, when teas are not used as directed and in excessive amounts. Before a doctor prescribe a treatment, the patient should inform a doctor that he or she is using herb tea.

    WEIGHT: 40 g.